Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Over

That's about all I can say about this crazy week--from the Primary program today, to the program practice and pizza party on Friday, to a double-header for Mister yesterday, a soccer game and soccer pics for Sweetie, to the art masterpiece lesson I taught in Mister's class on Friday (a parody of the Mona Lisa,  not my favorite lesson), and so on. It's over.

And that's about all I can say about the month of September too--good riddance, you month of 100+ temps. Please do not give October any ideas.

Here are the very few pics I managed to take this week, plus 1 stolen from J's facebook, and 1 of me taken by Mister:

Sweetie, the soccer star, scored 6 goals in her game. Mister also had a touchdown.

"Puzzle mania": Last Sunday we put every puzzle in the house together.

Mister and Sweetie have also been obsessed with the paper airplane book and have amassed a small fleet. I am sick of finding airplanes everywhere.
 And 25 weeks. I've now outgrown all of the small shirts :( Each of my babies has been 9-10 oz bigger than the previous one, which would put this little gal at 9 lbs 2 oz. We'll see. I'm betting she may be bigger than that.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Expanding Our Snack Options

Hmmm, in my book, unisom is a better snack option for after school than for school. J must think otherwise, since it was his addition to the list this week. (Note: my grocery list is posted on the fridge right next to the snack list.)

Monday, September 17, 2012

What I've been doing lately

This is what I wish I had been doing lately:
Reading my stack of library books

Working on the city painting I started for Sweetie's room, oh, 6 months ago probably. Even though the pic is a washed-out, bad one, the painting is pretty bad itself--it just needs some time and color and the people definitely need some hair.
And, yes, I even wish I were tackling this stack of research and revision plans for that article I submitted in May that needs revising:
And, sleeping, of course. I wish I had been sleeping.

Instead of those things, this is what I've been doing:
  • Actually remembering to write my post for Segullah, even if I never managed to respond to the 6 kind people who replied. 
  • Taking kids places: H to his weekly P.E. class, where he plays scooter hockey, tennis, soccer, basketball, and runs relay races.

 Sweetie to soccer practice, where I am the team parent. Unbeknownst to me when I agreed to be team parent, I was responsible for making the 6x4 team banner:

 Taking Mister to football practice:
 Trying to keep H entertained by unearthing random toys:

Planning and executing the Primary water activity (thankfully with plenty of help!)


Writing the Primary sacrament meeting program and creating a large felt pizza with toppings for the pizza party incentive. (Can I please be done with the felt projects?!) And canning pears and making peach pie and cobbler with the Utah fruit that came last week:

Oh, and getting bigger than ever with this constantly kicking baby inside me. I have yet to get J to take a pic of me and my big belly on a day when I've actually done my hair :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When it's raining outside . . .

I cheer! And H plays plays with his construction vehicles in the salt tray.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Old Birthday

Friday was my birthday. I had big plans for fun. I don't have enough fun in my life, I decided. Forget enforcing chores, overseeing piano practicing, reminding kids endless times to pick up their shoes/socks/backpacks, meal planning, floor sweeping, disciplining, the list could go on and on. I just wanted to have a little light-hearted fun on my birthday.  I tried to use my credit at the massage place and book a facial, but couldn't get an appointment. I thought about leaving the kids with a sitter and finding friends to go to the local water park's Night Splash from 7-11pm, but Night Splash is done for the year. Then I thought about doing an early-morning hike with friends up Camelback, a hike I've always wanted to do but never have. But the thought of getting up before the sun when I'm already months without an uninterrupted night's sleep was a little unsettling. Then I thought about getting a sitter and going to race Formula 1 cars, which was our plan for our anniversary before we ate too much. But we couldn't find a sitter and H ended up waking up from his nap with a killer cold. 

So, in the end, I had an old birthday. J and I and Vickie and Alicia went to lunch and I ate too much of my birthday Kahlua brownie. I let the dishes pile up and the clean laundry stay in the hampers and decided to read the afternoon away. I got my birthday freebies for dinner and J and I watched a great Utah/Utah State football game. Basically, I did things that I can do when I turn 87 instead of 37. I had an old birthday. But it was a good birthday. And I got a brand spanking new I-Pad (pictured below) and  morning full of thunderstorms and rain (not pictured, but thoroughly enjoyed). 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012