Sunday, October 12, 2014

June Cousin Fun

 In June we met up with cousins from the M side every week to do a different activity on our Connect Passes. It was so fun to have one outing a week and the excuse to get together.

The Natural History Museum, which had a special exhibit on chocolate:

 This Is the Place state park, where everyone got a shave:

 Watching the Native American dancers
 Doing a little dancing:
 Making arrowstone necklaces and grinding corn

Eating Ice Cream and All Tuckered Out
 At Tracey Aviary and the park nearby


 Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum


 Thanksgiving Point gardens

 Thanksgiving Point Museum of Natural Curiosity:  We met the P cousins here one rainy summer day--along with the rest of the county.

 And we had a great time with cousins at the extended family reunion at the Girls' Home


A Zoo Outing

  Totally worn out from all of the cousin fun!