Sunday, April 26, 2015

March recap

March seems like forever ago. What did we do? I know what I did--made close to a hundred meals, did close to a hundred dishes, swept the floor close to a hundred times. I had to go back through my photos to remember what great fun March really did hold.

First off, Dean's baby blessing. Check out this cutie patootie!
 And I forgot the jammies, so we improvised at Grandma's house. And we ate at Ricardos. YUM!
 H worked on his reading (sidenote: one of my least favorite parenting duties. "You just read that word!!"). And we did some art.
 I took Mister skiing again, this time to Alta, where we enjoyed the sun, the new snow, and the refillable hot cocoa. Yay!! He's getting really good. We tackled a few blue runs this time. One was a complete disaster (it wasn't groomed). The others were a-okay.

 Zelly did some accordion playing until it mysteriously disappeared (again) and enjoyed taking her baby in the bath with her.
 I went to check out books at the BYU library and took these hooligans along to see the rainbow of string and visit the candy counter.
H came home from preschool on St Patrick's Day and, after hearing about leprechauns and the joy of catching them, decided that he needed to get one of his own. 
J had another birthday. Poor guy, keeps getting older. (whereas I do not--have you seen any of my birthdays on this blog?!)

 And, the grand event of March, we went to Arizona!! The temperatures were hot (to us)--in the 80s--but the water was not--in the 60s. I did not get in. Zelly got in, screamed, and got out again. After that, she just liked wearing her swim suit around. (She is quite into fashion.) We visited old friends, ate at our favorite tasty restaurants, and loved being with family. It was kind of sad for me to the oldest 2 just light up around their old friends. We love the good people we left there.
 Waiting at Oreganos.


 Home again, home again . . .
We juiced our Arizona spoils:

 And had some tasty cookies too. Don't mess with Zelly when she's dipping her cookies.
 I took the youngest 2 to check out the Acquarium.
 We watched a 4D movie, which H thought was fabulous and Zelly thought was terrifying.
 After the aquarium, we picked up--you guessed it--$1 fish sandwiches from Micky D on the way home.

J's March Madness buddy was Zelly, who loves a good snuggle while watching sports 

 We met the M family at the Museum of Natural Curiosity one day.
 And we got caterpillars! (the only pets I will allow)
What a great month!