Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sweet Six.

H had his sixth birthday in July, and how could I not blog about it? He requested a Ninjago cake and a game of laser tag with the family, so that's what we did. He also wanted ribs for dinner.

Favorite color: blue
Favorite restaurant: Taco Bell
Favorite TV show: Ninjago
Favorite movie: Superhero movies
Favorite sport:  soccer
Favorite food: noodles
Favorite drink: soda--lemonade and fruit punch
What he's good at: being nice
Where he wants to go on vacation: New Mexico and a country--Mexico and Fiji
What he would buy with $1000: video games, lego sets, candy, and movies

Grandma's Transition

A week ago today, Grandma S. transitioned from this life to the next. I'm alternatingly sad for me and happy for her. I wrote a little about it on Segullah last week. When I remember Grandma, I will remember Fig Newtons, HiC, my own yogurt container, Arctic Circle, the Penny Pool, Easter egg hunts, Christmas fun, generosity, her frequent soft hand presses, the way she said my name, "I can't complain," and her laughter. After her funeral yesterday, I was inspired to be more like her--more fun-loving, more attentive to the individual, more positive.

Last May when I went to Mom and Dad's for help with my article

Riding the rides at Lagoon at age 88