Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We don't believe in new pajamas.

Or so it would seem. Here is Mister, in watching the Laker/Celtics game with his dad, loyally wearing his Laker jammies. And, oh, here is Mister at 6 months old with the same Laker jammies on.

Needless to say, on a cost-per-wear basis, they have been worth whatever Grandpa Louie paid for them.

1. Baby pictures that make you go "awww."
2. Bedtime.
3. That piece of chocolate I stashed away in the fridge.


smart mama said...

I love it-- boston so rocked last night though :>!

Madsen Family said...

Catherine--How is it that I had to find out about your blog via Elise's blog?!! I don't know when it happened, but I am so very glad you joined the blogging world. And now I can ask you a question that Josh and I were trying to figure out. In July of 1999, you, Josh, Kasey, Rachel, Stevie baby, my brother Ryan and I all went on a "date" up Cottonwood Canyon in SLC (we had a cook-out). We know that you had a date there, but neither Josh nor I could remember who it was. Josh and I were just wondering b/c we were trying to decide if this was our true "first" date, but I thought that it wasn't a date because not everyone had a partner, but Josh INSISTS you did. So, basically, I need you to be our referee and resolve our disagreement! Anyway, I am babbling now, but that's what I like to do on people's blogs, so BE PREPARED. Also, I haven't read through all your blog entries, but let me just say, I will now look forward to your entries with bated breath:) WELCOME!

sweetpea said...

I'm so glad I found your blog, and that you are here! YAY!!!

Love the outfit--we had one like that when Ryan was little, and Rick started using from the time he was a newborn!!

bluestocking mama said...

kierste, yeah, joe's had him in sports' team garb from day 1. we need to invest in some new ones now :)

les, yeah, that's why i snapped the pic really quick. i thought there might not be another game to wear the laker jammies to . . .

jessy yessy!! i think i had a date there (i mean, didn't i always have a date?! ha, ha) but i cannot remember for sure and if i did, i don't remember who it was (i had so many, you see; that, or every other date has paled in comparison to my life w/joe; or something like that). i'll check w/rachey and see if she remembers.

Rachel said...

Yep, it was a date. I think you all set me up with one of your friends. But it was a very informal date if I remember.
Bluestocking mama- great pics. Mister has definitely gotten full use of his jammies. :)