Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i'm back

After almost 2 weeks visiting my family, I'm back. I just might get around to uploading some pics. You know, after I finish unpacking the clothes, the kids' car box, the car snacks, and the random vacation purchases; finish the laundry; replenish the cupboards and fridge; reply to emails; sort the snail mail; scrub the dishes J left for me (grrr!) since he was here a week after we left; and find out what's smelling in the fridge.

So, I am back. I return invigorated by a weekend in the mountains at my parents' cabin. I return exhausted by our constant activities (my brother's wedding reception, trips to the dinosaur park and Lagoon, afternoons swimming at the city pool, evening outings to the park, late-night movies, light-night game nights with my family, and 4th of July activities galore). I return rejuvenated by being with family. I return determined to finish my dissertation so they can all come see me graduate next spring. And, tonight, I return very sad.

Sad because my home, which I love, can often be very lonely. As I've worked around the house all day to take care of all of the afore-mentioned vacation aftermath, it's hit me again, as it does every time I come back from visiting my family, how lonely stay-at-home mothering can be at times. For 2 weeks, I have had my mother or my sisters or my sister-in-law there to talk with as we fix dinner together, do the dishes together, watch the kids slip n' slide together, and shop together. Of course, it doesn't help that J flew off to California this morning for work, leaving me here with the kids. So, I have come online to the cyber world that includes other stay-at-home moms to commisserate with!

1. a refridgerator full of fresh fruit
2. an afternoon attack by "the kissing monsters"
3. a nighttime talk and hugs with Mister, always signaled by: "Here, Mom, I saved you a spot in bed next to me"


Madsen Family said...

Oh, I miss my family so, so much too. It didn't happen until I had this little tike at home with me and THEN I had them all come and visit. But there's nothing like family close by. I'm itching to move out west VERY soon b/c this flying cross-country with a little one is NO good. And Josh is leaving this weekend for a scout trip and I'm going solo, too. If only you lived in Mass. still--we'd come for a visit. I'm glad you had fun at home and good luck finishing your dissertation:)

mwells said...

I know I take living close to my family for granted. I can only imagine the longing I'm sure you feel at times! I think there is always a part of us that longs for life with our siblings. I read a post on my sis-in-law's blog for my brother's b-day, and it made me miss him and the things we used to do together! I am so glad you had a great time! We missed you around here. If you need a place to go... my door is always open! You may want some quiet after that! :) Welcome home, I look forward to running with you when J gets back!

smart mama said...

i am sorry- i was thinking of you yesterday so i was glad to see you posted- i am gearing up for the let down when i return home on friday-- it's hard being alone (esp since you left me a lone mom in MA!)Being with family just makes me realize how hard i want to work for eternity-

sweetpea said...

You're right, returning home is always bittersweet for all the reasons you mentioned. I just got home after being gone only a week, and I'm not even close to ebing caught up!