Monday, August 18, 2008

What is it about the Olympics . . .

. . . that makes me stay up until midnight every night watching, even when I know I have to be up at 5:20?

. . . that leads to head-rushes, impromptu gymnastics routines, and loud thumps coming from upstairs:

. . . that persuades me it's a good idea to up my speed on the revolving stairs at the gym this morning? (Too much leftover adrenaline from watching yesterday's women's marathon?)

. . . that causes my children to summersault willy-nilly around the family room and leads Sweetie to claim, upon watching the women's gymnastics floor routines, "I can do that!" (This from the child who cannot manage to make it through a meal without knocking her drink to the floor and cannot manage to carry her dinner plate to the sink without sending the uneaten peas to all corners of the kitchen).

So what is it about the Olympics that makes us look at the best performances, the best athletes in the world and think that we can do better in our own personal efforts? It seems like with other things in life, when we see others' "bests," we aren't more optimistic of our own abilities. Instead, we're harsher with ourselves--why can't I do that, be like that, sing/play like that, look like that, earn that, learn that. Well, whatever it is about the Olympics, I love it! (although I could do without the midnight hours. . .)


Dena said...

I too am hooked on the Olympics. Since my kids are into swimming, they love watching that and wish swim team was year-round. You made me really think about why they are so inspiring when other times talents or abilities make you feel inadequate. I think it is because we know how much these athletes have trained and sacrificed, their abilities come from lots of hard work where other times we may just assume that someone has a natural ability, talent or is just lucky. Also, I think it has something to do w/ national pride. No matter what sport it is, you cheer for the Americans. You root for people you have never heard of, but truely want them to suceed. Maybe they remind us that with LOTS of hard work and a dream, we can be great too.

mwells said...

I agree!!! I love to stay up and watch. I can't even wait for the Tivo to record it... once I catch up to live tv, I can't help but sit there until the end of the broadcast. It has been a motivator for me as well. I watched my kids do so much better in swim team after watching the
Olympic qualifier meets. They did better just by watching the best. It is great! I think I will take a nap when it is all over! :)

smart mama said...

love it - i have been up way too late watching- btu i can't get enough of it- i lvoe your kids olypmic spirit