Monday, October 6, 2008

Striking gold.

Did I forget to mention that we struck gold? It was a few weeks ago when we went to the Southwest Musuem and we spent a good amount of time in the panning-for-gold section. Sweetie came away soaked, but it was worth it, you see, for the sheer amount of gold nuggets she and Mister collected in their little plastic baggies. "Gleamin' booty," as they called it (thanks to the oft-repeated phrase in our Pirate Pete book). 

You'd think that with all of my dissertating lately that I'd have forgotten our gold-panning episode. But that's hard to do when I'm still striking gold every. single. time. I vacuum (which, admittedly, isn't very often these days). Darn that gleamin' booty! 

1.  Mister laughing so hard he "can't tell me anything else."
2.  Fresh, clean sheets.
3.  Open windows.


sweetpea said...
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sweetpea said...

sorry, that as my delete. I wish they would let you edit, instead of delete!

Anyway, that looks like so much fun! LOL about still finding the carpet!

Amy said...

how fun!! So do you get to claim it since you keep finding it in the carpet?

mwells said...

That is my kids favorite place. They have already asked if we can go next week when we are out of school.

If I sprinkle some "gold" dust in my carpet will you come and vacuum mine?