Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"The Happy P Family Moves to the Desert"

In honor of our 4th anniversary here in the lovely desert of the Southwest, please enjoy this little story, told in the manner of one of our beloved kids' books, The Happy Hocky Family Moves to the Country.

We are the P Family.
See the empty townhouse?
The P family is moving from New England to the desert. "How exciting!" say the P Family members. Here is the P family's new house. It is a FUN house. It's has its own colony of mosquitos breeding in the green pool water in the back. It has its own hive of bees living in the front column. It has its own lovely green carpet. What a FUN house.
A New Game: Let's Play Find-My-House!
There are a lot of fun new games to play in the Southwest. This one is called find-my-house. Mommy and Little Boy P have gone for a walk. Now which street and house is there's?
This way? Or was it this way?

New England Words/Southwest Desert Words
The Northeast and the Southwest have the same words, but sometimes those words have different meanings . . .

Northeast Words
Winter Mountain hiking

Mexican food
Old house

Local History--Man with a Gun Home invader

Southwest Words
Fall Winter

Mountain hiking

Mexican food
Old House Local history--Man with a Gun

Home Invader

Counting Game
If the P family moved into their home on Halloween and they just had their 4th Halloween in their home, how long has the P family lived in the desert? You're right. FOUR WHOLE YEARS.

Look, the yard on the FUN home looks a little greener!

Look, the carpet in the FUN home looks a little less green!

Look, the P family leaves the desert in the summer to go camping with their new friends!
The P family is going to be OKAY in the desert!

1. Memories of fun adventures and places in the past, 2. Anticipation for fun adventures in the future, 3. Old friends and new friends


Dena said...

That was so cute! I can't believe it's been 4 years. We've been here almost 6! Man time flies!

mwells said...

Great! We are so glad you are here!

Shelah said...

love this!

Madsen Family said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anni-ver-sary! So cute, you wrote a book! Loved all the photos. I am glad you like Arizona but I so wish you were still in New England....

Courtney said...

love it. that mexican food pic made me homesick. the scorpion did not.

Amy said...

what a great post!! And I'm lol at the different definitions of words.

Hayley said...

Wow I can't believe 4 years has gone by. We have been in our new home for 2 years. CRAZY!!!!
Cute story I loved it!!!!

bluestocking mama said...

jessy, i know it FELT like a book. it took me so long--i had to post a couple pics a day and then take a breather :)

courtney, i craved mexican food the entire time we lived on the east coast.

hayley,wow, 2 years?! time does fly

Madsen Family said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you have either just celebrated your fifth (5th) Halloween, or you have lived in your house for just over three (3) years. Don't worry, it's just math. So... either you forgot to dress your kids up as Heim Hetzrony and Jim Mcmahon (scary) last Hollows Eve, or... you just got a year younger. Now you can justify lying about your age.

-the other J. Madsen

bluestocking mama said...

hey other J Madsen, i just read over this again and realized the same thing! of course, we skipped that first halloween (costume was packed, cupboards were empty), so it's almost like it never happened and that forgives the math, right?!