Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Exciting Career in Food Service

Mister's kindergarten class walked to Sam's club the other day for a field trip to culminate the end of their food science/nutrition unit. He came home sporting a lovely hair net:

"Look, Mom!" he told me. "This is for when we're doing kung fu in the kitchen while we make food. Then if someone kicks me and knocks me over into the food, my hair won't get in it."

Apparently, food service is more exciting than I ever imagined.

* Fun days at school
* A clean kitchen
* A brief respite from sickness


sweetpea said...

I think I would like to take a field trip to Sam's Club! Sounds like fun, and I love the hairnet!

Amy said...

LOL!! And it just isn't that glamourous I have to say.

Dena said...

Too funny! Food service is more exciting when you use your imagination!

mwells said...

I feel cheated! My mom never taught me KFC - kung-fu cooking. I'm missing out!