Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July Poem of the Month: "The Ninth Month"

Guess what the poem of the month is about this time?! It's a fitting end to my first poem of the month about this pregnancy. I love this poem because as uncomfortable as I am right now, there really is nothing like the experience of "being a duplex," of feeling the "tapping friendly on the wall," and of the "sweet proximity." And I am counting on the fact, as my children grow up and gradually away, that these bonds of love and labor will reach beyond a block, a mile, a hemisphere.

"The Ninth Month"

by Carol Lyn Pearson

Being a duplex,
I have been happy, my dear,
To loan you half the house.
Rent-free and furnished
as best I could.

You have been a good
Tenant, all in all,
Quiet, yet comfortably there.
Tapping friendly on the wall.

But I hear
You have outgrown the place
And are packing up to move.
Well, I will miss
The sweet proximity.
But we will keep in touch.
There are bonds, my dear,
That reach beyond a block,
Or a mile, or a hemisphere,
Born of much love and labor.

I approve the move,
And gladly turn from landlady
To neighbor.


riggsfam said...

Love that poem! Never read it before, but it's perfect! And I can't believe the contrast in your two belly shots below! You must have been tiny when pregnant with Meg because in real life you do not look huge at all! Good luck with delivery and everything!

Meliser said...

You still look fabulous! I am so excited for him to come!