Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday music

After church today while I was cleaning up lunch, I turned on church music, like I usually do on Sunday. Sweetie, who is into asking "why?"these days, asked, "Why do we have to listen to church music on Sunday?"

"Because I like church music, and it helps me feel peaceful inside," I told her. She ran off to play, and as I loaded the dishwasher and wiped off the table, I thought about church music and Sundays. It's true that I turn on church music and classical music on Sunday because it helps me feel peaceful. But I also turn it on every Sunday because that's what my parents did. The cds I turn on evoke memories of cleaning up Sunday dinner with my siblings, clearing the table, wiping off cabinets, and doing dishes, all interrupted by whirls around the kitchen, either with baby brothers or with my dad, who had me waltzing and swinging long before my ballroom dance teacher at BYU.

So when I was done with the dishes, I picked up my baby boy, and, singing to the oh-so-familiar tune, I pressed my cheek next to his little soft one and took him for his first spin around the kitchen.

1. Good memories, 2. Good parents, 3. Good music


Madsen Family said...

Love it..I, too, like to listen to Sunday music on Sunday, though I don't think my parents ever did. But what I really love--dancing with my little boy to any and all kinds of music (though he prefers the fast songs).

brown paper packages said...

I love memories like that...especially when you pass them on to your own little ones.