Sunday, December 12, 2010

More catching up: Halloween

Halloween seems so long ago. But I need to post about the festivities because I'm printing my blog into a family book. (That's the idea, anyway. The way I move these days, we'll hope it happens.)

The actual Halloween--our neighbors barbequed tri-tip and chicken, we all brought sides and sat out and ate together. It was so nice to get to know our fun neighbors better. Here's the collection of kids and grandkids:
The ward trunk-or-treat and fall festival. This was so fun this year. We had Navajo tacos, caramel apples, lots of fun games and bounce houses for the kids, costume and trunk competitions, trunk-or-treating, and J even participated in the pie-eating contest (out of force, given his strong anti-pie sentiments). J also manned one of the rick-shaws. Needless to say, I spent a good portion of the night chasing H and trying to find the other kids.

Our trunk and our kids and our ostrich-rider:

I was a porcupine. H a turtle.

Dorothy and the sick turtle and the mad scientist

The jack 0' lanterns

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