Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring break, days 1-2

Monday, day 1 of spring break, found us mostly vegging. The kids watched TV and played the Wii most of the day, which we don't normally do, but, hey, spring break. I played Mario Kart with them until H stole my wheel, but I'm not very good. I only managed to break out of last place once.

Then we went mini-golfing. It was a perfect evening for it, weather-wise, and it felt so nice to be outside. H loved just carrying around his club (and other people's balls, which was a little bit of a problem, but we worked with it). Sweetie insisted that she got "2" on every hole, but we weren't keeping score, so we went with it. Mini-golfing was fun until about hole 12, when H apparently thought he was going to die of thirst and began crying and trying to sample all of the discarded 64 oz cups around the course (and there were plenty--come on, people! Find a trash can!) And when Sweetie broke down because J made her sit out a hole for always trying to be first and starting each hole while the people in front of us were still finishing it. We left with J saying, "See, that's why I didn't want to go" (in reference to H's crying and wandering and to Sweetie's pouting). But if we don't do things just because there will probably be behavior difficulties from 1 or more children, then we wouldn't do anything at all. What we should have done is 10 holes and skipped to the end. Gone out on a high (Seinfeld reference, anyone?)

Day 2 the kids played with their friends from school, who are also brother/sister. We picked them up and joined them at one of the local farms to feed the animals, ride the horses, and play on the tractors.

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Madsen Family said...

my sis-in-law says, with kids, you just have to have a new definition of fun. so now when we go out and there's only minor breakdowns, etc., we can say, "yeah, we had fun". it's just how it goes with kids. and i say, it looks like you had "fun" to me!