Sunday, June 17, 2012

Suh-weet Summer 2012

Last summer was our Spectacular Summer 2011, so we christened this summer our Suh-weet Summer 2012.  We kept the same categories, and we're making good progress--already the kids have checked off swim lessons, a couple of movies, typing lessons, and the items below. 
Sweetie began her summer youth Broadway choir and has already secured a solo in "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off." She also finished with her art classes. In her first class, they did Picasso guitars from collage and tempera paints. In her next class, they did watercolor zebras and oil pastel zebras. 
Mister started his golf lessons and has his basketball clinic this week. Saturday was his stake cub scout day camp. Here's some pics of Mister with his homemade kazoo, masks, and doing magic tricks in the parent show: 

And we've been doing our best to hit all of the local pools. This week we added ice cream to the mix on the way home for a perfect summer day.
 On this week's agenda is to finish cleaning out the closets and drawers . . . not quite as fun as swimming :)

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Why, oh WHY can't you live next door?