Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Failings and Fallings of the Day

It's 9:20 at night and that (virtual) pile of papers from the online class I'm teaching that has to be graded, well, by last Saturday was barely touched today. I only got 1 paper graded. I also made the au jus sauce for the french dip and went to the refrigerator to get out the roast beef. Hmmm, I guess I forgot to buy the roast beef. I made a run to the store as soon as J got home, but in the meantime, H got ravenous and left bites out of random things in the fridge:

Part of my spaciness and my lack of time today has to do with this little girl, who slipped on water and fell at the Science Museum today, which resulted in a concussion. 
Poor Sweetie. She doesn't seem much like my little girl anymore until she gets hurt and then huddles against me and reminds me that she still is my little girl. Hopefully, she will wake up tomorrow, minus the headache, minus the throwing up, minus the confusion, and full of the spirit and sass (okay, maybe not the sass) that we love in our Sweetie. And hopefully, I'll miraculously grade 20 of the 6-page papers tomorrow and put together a fabulous dinner, with all of the essential ingredients :) 

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mwells said...

Poor Sweetie! That's tough. I hope you made it through your papers, and don't take too much of her sass away. She'll need it to survive this crazy world!