Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We Are Now True Desert-Dwellers

Have I really not blogged for almost a month?! Well, time flies when you're . . . busy. And having fun. We've done both this month.

But this first catch-up post is not about fun times (despite the look on H's face). You see, after almost 8 years of living in the desert, we finally hit a major milestone:  we had our first scorpion sting. And the youngest, most-allergic person in the family suffered the scorpion's wrath:  H. The scorpion stung him on his knee while he was getting evaluated for speech at a local elementary school. Thankfully, H is also the toughest in the family, and after a 3-minute scream/cry session, he hardly mentioned it again except to complain a little 6 hours later (when the venom and pain reaches its height, according to Poison Control). Phew, hopefully we'll have no more encounters with the Dread of the Desert.


Jeri said...


Hey, when is that baby coming?


bluestocking mama said...

Jeri, Sometime around January 9. Joe is hoping for December 31 for tax and insurance reasons but I've never been early so I told him not to hold his breath :)