Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mobile Memories

Since I haven't blogged for so long, how about an update in the way of mobile memories-pics I've taken on my phone for the past month?

Cashing in Pizza Hut reading rewards on early-out day:
 H and his best friend Charlotte, playing their own version of hop scotch:
 The school carnival (as you can tell, the hair-painting booth was pretty popular):
 One last trip to the zoo with friends!

 Minecraft Mania in the neighbor's garage:
 Sweetie got her ears pierced! She was very brave:
 Girls' Night Out pedicures!

 Sweetie's 2nd Grade Puppet Show. Sweetie was the narrator of the Little Red Hen:

Memorial Day swimming at the Rocks! Little Zelly's first time swimming: 

 The box fort
 Now for some post-move pics . . . An evening down by the creek with cousins:
 Our hike to the Y, which H kept calling "the Z."  "Are we at that Z yet, mom?" he'd ask.  The kids were such troopers! It was fun to take a break from the moving mayhem and get out together. We had plans to hit the water park, but the high was 78, and we Arizonans do not swim when it's 78. That's winter weather!

 Ending the hike with treats from the BYU Creamery

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Jeri said...

I hope this means that you live somewhat close to me, and that some day we'll have a chance to get together. Would you e-mail me your address? Or leave it on my blog as a comment and I'll erase it as soon as I get it.