Friday, August 23, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 I stayed up until 11:30 a couple of nights ago writing a post about back-to-school time (aka this year "the most wonderful time of the year") and the Google Gods apparently decided that the post was too beautiful for human consumption because the next morning, it had disappeared, never to be seen or read again. And, because I dare not tempt the Google Gods again, I will just post these first-day-of-school pics of Mister (5th grade), Sweetie (3rd grade), and H (preschool--but he doesn't start for another 2 weeks).

 H and I decided to live it up while the kids went to school so we took Little Zelly and headed for the local dinosaur museum for Two Buck Tuesday, thinking everybody would be in school. Nope. Everybody not in school was at the dinosaur museum. It was a complete madhouse. But H still loved it, despite not seeing any live dinosaurs (he didn't quite believe me that we would only be seeing bones).

 And I managed to finish the back-to-school cakes just in the nick of time. They're supposed to look like the kids' backpacks. You'll have to use your imagination a bit.
Despite the fact that I love having my kids home with me, I'm so glad they're back in school this year. The move, the renovation, the comings and goings of the summer have all meant absolutely no semblance of order in my life and I crave order. I'm a schedule girl.

I was really anxious about the kids' first day in a new school. We didn't get the track we wanted and Mister got put in a 5th/6th grade split class, which I was not happy about, but they both like their teachers and are in the process of making friends. So, all is well, all is well.


Courtney said...

You've had a crazy summer and are due the structure and spurts of peace and quiet that come with school.

Paige was in a 2/3 combo class. I was worried about it but she ended up having a good year. I think its better to be in the lower grade than the higher grade in a combo class.

bluestocking mama said...

That's good to know, Courtney. Thanks!

mwells said...

The cake are great! Their backpacks... Cute idea! I always appreciate the routine of school too.