Friday, December 13, 2013

In the Christmas Spirit

I honestly can't believe it's already December 13. Insanity. Anyway, as soon as the Thanksgiving guests left, the kids were clamoring to put up the Christmas decor. The tree was a 3-day affair, as usual (Sat night, bought it; Sunday, lights up; Monday, decorate for FHE). I've been enjoying the fresh-tree smell ever since. Oh, how I love the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the tree is off in the music/reading room this year to keep it safe from Little Zelly (or vice versa). I miss having it right in front of me. 

Sweetie reading a Christmas book to H.


Jeri said...

Loved your newsletter!

melanie said...

I am jealous of your real Christmas tree!! Every year I want to get one, but I'm terrified the crispy AZ trees would set my house on fire. Haha!

Love the pic of the kids in their Christmas best. So sweet & innocent!