Sunday, March 2, 2014

Schmalentine's Day

Valentine's Day came fast this year--right on the heels of our trip to Arizona. Let's just say we weren't ready. The night before, we were still paper-macheing Olaf's head and trying to figure out how to tape a bowl to a box. But, Friday morning, I went out bright and early and cut a few twigs for Olaf's head and arms, I convinced Mister to give up the dream of having his toilet box actually flush (by recording it on his I-touch and taping that to the toilet as the handle), and I drove them to school with Valentine boxes, Valentines, Valentine party assignments, but without their lunches. So, I returned, still in my sweats, lunchboxes in hand, just as Sweetie's class was headed to lunch.

Usually, we get take-out and give the kids little Valentines from us, but this year, we had hook-ups for Valentine's Day, thanks to J's cousin who manages PF Chang's, so J and I escaped the Valentine madness by heading to Salt Lake City and to the restaurant where, as it just so happens, we celebrated our first Valentine's day as a couple 14 years ago.

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