Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I loved the Church's video and social media campaign preceding Easter this year. We watched the #BecauseofHim video a few times as a family and each time, the music and words and images resonated deeply--food for my soul. The message that because of Him we can start again, that there is no end, not when we die, nor as we live our lives each day, is truly what gives me hope through the daily grind. This career and calling of mine--mothering these 4 children, being a companion to J, loving those around me--is beautiful and joy-full, but it is also frustrating and discouraging, and many days (most days?) I end the day humbled, feeling as though I have not been very good at any of them.  But because of Him, I feel peace in the midst of discouragement. Because of Him, I start again each day.

I used to love the week before Easter and the short nightly devotionals we did with the kids. The last 2 years have been difficult, though, as kids have scattered every which way in the evenings for soccer, track, cub scouts, you name it. We haven't come together in our short daily remembrance and celebration, and I miss that.

Most of my Easter pictures this year are from my parents' Easter/spring party, which was really a lot of fun, thanks to my mom's skill at planning. She had family games, kid games, egg hunts, egg dyeing, a scratch-off prize box for the games, a treasure hunt, a short spiritual lesson, and dinner! Phew! I'm tired just listing all of that!

Little Zelly in hog heaven, swinging and having just polished off something delicious
Finding their Easter baskets Sunday morning:
About to tear into her hollow bunny and looking so pleased about it

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