Sunday, March 1, 2015

January Recap

January was kind of a low-key month for us, thankfully, and we mostly tried to enjoy our days. We tested out our face-making skills at dinner time (some families have nice conversations. Not us.)

 We said good-bye to our friend the mini-van and bought a new, bigger ride.
Zelly donned pigtails for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed making lots of cookies.
We met cousins for lunch and shopping:
We ate nachos and wings for the SuperBowl and our Patriots even managed to win in a last-minute victory.
We went on a Sunday afternoon family outing to the Springville Art Museum's "Religious Art of Utah" exhibit. I didn't get pictures of my crazy kids who mostly spent the time trying to make each other guess how much various pieces of art were being sold for. But here's one of my favorite of the temple pics that I took to remind me that I can try painting just a piece of the temple.
I took Mister skiing a couple of times and managed to finally finish Zelly's quilt, after 2 and a half years.
We did do a little work. Mister slaved over his science project and still managed to have J and I both working on it at midnight the night before. We had lots of moldy bread on our hands.
I observed classes at BYU to get ready to teach next year, and I brushed off my dissertation and started serious revisions again:

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