Thursday, April 24, 2008

just for the record

my children think i'm wonder woman. i need to record this now because the day may come when they will think that i am anything but wonderful. okay, i guess they did not come out and say directly that they think i'm wonder woman. but they obviously think i possess superhero powers. how do i know this? well, let me list a few of today's conversations regarding the birthday week that is about upon us:

mister: for the obstacle course at the birthday party, there needs to be a tree with long branches that reaches down and picks you up and tickles you.
me: what a great idea, but i don't think we could build that.
mister: we could just have a stick and a fake tree. and behind the tree, one long branch with hook fingers coming out of the stick. and behind the tree, a handle that moves up and down, so you move it down when someone's coming and then move it up to grab them into the air. that's all you would have to build.
me: i'll pass that request along to dad and let you know what he thinks.

sweetie: i want a dora and diego dancing on my cake.
me: sweetie, i can't really do movement on a cake--i can put dora and diego on it (let's hope), but they can't be moving.
sweetie: well, i really think you can make them spin.

mister: i want a darth vadar and a luke skywalker on my cake fighting with their light sabers. darth vadar needs to have a red one and luke needs to have a green one.
me: well, i can't really do movement on a cake [deja vu, anyone?]. i can do a darth vadar and luke (let's hope), but i can't have them fighting.
mister: you can just have them holding their light sabers then. oh, and you should probably put r2d2 and yoda on there too.

um, okay. is that all? you'll have to stay tuned for the end results of these birthday requests. as long as i'm playing wonder woman, maybe i'll go wash up those 5 loads of laundry waiting upstairs and whip up a chocolate dessert to eat while i'm scrapbooking all 10 years worth of pictures in my closet. or, better, yet, maybe i'll write my entire dissertation tonight and just be done with it.

with all of the demands on me, i'm glad the rest of the people in my world have figured out that i am not wonder woman. but i guess it's okay that my kids think i am capable of anything--for a few more years yet, anyway.


smart mama said...

I LOVE the power our children give us-- truly they will remember all your dids and not the did nots you hold yourself to

mwells said...

You are wonder-woman! My kids were at that birthday party, and I think you exceeded everyone's expectations! You are so creative and "wonder"ful! Great post! :)

Shelah said...

I think you need to hire Duff to make your kids' cakes.

Lei said...

yeah, good luck with that... i do see an entrepreneurial opportunity in there though! lol!

Christy said...

You have so many talents Catherine! You could really do anything, but your kids will feel like they can too just because of the way you love them!
love ya

bluestocking mama said...

thanks, christy! and lol, lei. i should keep a notebook and when they're grown, make bucks on their big ideas.