Friday, May 16, 2008

does it make me a bad mom . . .

if i don't correct Mister when he says "liberry" instead of "library" or "binoclee-arz" instead of "binoculars" and Sweetie when she says "bi-fore" instead of "before" or "wiff" instead of "with." because all it would take is me correcting them once and they would no longer make these mistakes. the pediatrician this week at Sweetie's well-check asked me if she was talking okay and then looked up, completely startled, when she said to me," mommy, can you clip this cuticle when we get home or it will turn into a hangnail and then i might need neosporin and a band-aid." "cuticle?" he said. "that's a big word." so, i know the "bif-ores" and the "liberrys" would stop with just a word from me. but i can't bring myself to do it. they are growing up so fast. soon they won't want to go to the liberry for storytime and they won't need the binoclee-arz to play animal rescuer. i can hang onto the few baby-talk words left for at least a little while, right?

and to copy other bloggers, i think i'll start ending my (very few) posts with 3 things i am thankful for that day. i try to do this in my journal, but i'm not the best journal-writer either these days, so i suppose it's good to do it wherever i can:
1. a husband who turns around on his way to work to come back and give kids kisses
2. friends over for lunch
3. friday night eating out--no dinner prep!


smart mama said...

no treasure- those fun childhoodisms!

mwells said...

I love that the say those cute little things. Yours are unquestionably cute!

swimmingmom said...

That was a cute post. They do grow so quickly! And, it seems they will speak fine when they grow up!