Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm pretty sure I just won

that chocolate-chip-cookie-eating contest we just had. 

You didn't get the memo? No problem. I'm sure I can manage to fit another one into my busy schedule. Maybe even as soon as tomorrow. You never know. You should know, though, that I have had a LOT of practice.

Today's thankful 3:
1.  chocolate chip cookies!
2.  the Ensign
3.  vacuum lines in the playroom (that's as far as I got with the vacuum, but, hey, it looks great!)


Dena said...

I'm sure that I could give you a run for your money, especially if they are fresh from the oven! I too have had a LOT of practice.:D

Amy said...

now I want to go buy chocolate chips so I can have cookies.

mwells said...

Did you say cookies? I want some, but, please don't share because I would have to ether the contest, and I am afraid I would be in contention.

sweetpea said...

Now I want a chocolate chip cookie!

sweetpea said...

or two. :)