Saturday, September 6, 2008

You Know You're Married to a RABID BYU Football Fan When . . .

1. You say a yearly "thank-you" prayer that the blue afro wig and the brown corduroy pants from his "Super Fan" days did not make the pre-wedding packing cut.

2. Your children automatically lay out their BYU garb the night before a game.
3. He thinks about buying the Dell laptop instead of the HP laptop because you can get the Dell one in "BYU blue."
4. Your screen savers mysteriously all change to pictures of this year's team with the label "The Quest."
5. If there's not a new BYU game tonight, then that's no problem. We can watch one of the ones saved permanently on Tivo from last year--preferably the U of U vs. BYU game. Over and over and over.
6. While watching said U of U vs BYU game live in the local sports bar and grill, he jumps on the table to do a victory celebration at the last-minute, game-winning touchdown pass.
7. While you are on a day hike with the Young Women from your ward and he is in charge of the children (ages 4 and 2), he is shocked to discover he cannot get the day's BYU game on his Dish package. So, he hops on CougarBoard, finds a stranger in Tuscan who does get the game, and drives 3 hrs roundtrip, to crash the tailgating party of a fellow fan, no longer a stranger (who I'm sure did not bargain on the lovely addition of 2 very young fans to his football game).
8. Out of your 9 birthdays you've had since you've been married, he has spent 4 of them away at BYU games. (It's really okay. He just owes me BIG time, right, J?!)
Good thing I kinda like football and good thing I kinda like him, right?! Go Cougs!


Dena said...

I thought that Travis was a pretty serious BYU fan, but J has him beat. We got the game on Sat. and get one more at the end of the season. The rest Travis just listens to over the computer cursing that Dish doesn't carry the Mountain West channel.

mwells said...

You are a much nicer wife than I!

Heather W said...

that is hilarious. . .I will have to have Scott read your post as he will truly be able to appreciate how "excited" J gets! I thought I had it bad! We have HOURS of old BYU games DVR'd and that is what he watches when there is nothing else on or he can't sleep. I say to that. . .Whatever makes you happy!