Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The 5 Days of Love

I've been meaning to post a wrap-up to the 5 Days of Love, but my Internet has been on the fritz, so I'm finally getting to it. 

We had a good 5 Days of Love, but I have to say that I'm glad daily love need not be so extravagant. Mister and Sweetie woke up Sunday morning expecting trails of love notes all over their room. Sorry to disappoint, kiddos, but the big V-day signals the end of the fun. Not really, but the end of the heart cupcaking-making, cookie-making, pillowcase-making (equipped with pockets for nightly love notes and/or treats), and the annual Valentine's day treasure hunt (these two pictures are from a past Valentine's day since the camera wasn't charged for Treasure Hunt 2009). 
Mister was also involved in his own love-fest, trying to add to his class's 100 Kind Deeds book that they are sending to President Obama. So he took treats to friends, mailed Valentine's to grandparents, and donated his allowance to Saleh Jafarov in Uzbekastan to help with his efforts to expand his small business in order to pay for his 3 kids' education (see's great). 

So here we are, all loved out, but glad for Valentine's day!

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