Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poem of the Month: "Like Pearls Well Strung"

The poem of the month this time has to do with love (of course). I was going to pull out a few of my favorite sonnets or love poems I studied while taking lit classes in college, but really, one of my most favorite love poems is written by my friend's husband's grandmother, Caroline Miner. Here's the poem:

"Like Pearls Well Strung"

by Caroline Miner

It was high noon. I did not know there was
Before or After . . . or that long hours could grow
with morning stretching long. I did not know
that evening would bring graying mist and gloom.
I only knew that by your side the cause
of things seemed very clear and I could go
with you, and love, and work, and win. And though
the way be rough and hard, there would be room
for us, for love was magic; we were young.
Together we would seek the Holy Grail,
and days and weeks would pass like pearls well strung
on one long thread of gold, fine-spun and frail
as mist. It has been so, will be tomorrow,
together, we will double strength, divide all sorrow.

My favorite part of this poem is the last line: "It has been so, will be tomorrow, together, we will double strength, divide all sorrow." I love this line because this is what love--particularly the love of my husband but also the love of my family--has meant for me in my life. It has meant that in sharing my life, I have received double the strength when I most need it. And my sorrows have been lighter as I have someone else to help me carry them.  Valentine's Day gives me the chance to show that I am extremely glad that "It has been so, will be tomorrow."


emlouisa said...

Wow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It even made me a little teary. I might have to hang that on my wall.

Laura said...

What a perfect poem for February. I love it.