Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to being The One

My mom left Thursday evening after a week and a half here helping--again--while I made major, painful revisions--again--to my dissertation. She was and is a lifesaver.  

So I am trying to switch gears and get back into the groove of being The One. You know, The One who has to plan the meals, shop to ensure that we have ingredients for said meals, make sure children eat those meals (even if they can't stand that particular dish), clean up the meals when husband is late getting home or at a church meeting, The One who has to stop all fights and deal out all punishments for bad choices, The One who has to be ready to suggest intriguing play options in order to attempt to bypass these fights and bad choices, The One who plays the Ladybug Game multiple times a day, The One who has to clean up messes, The One who has to stop whatever she's doing at the time to run into the bathroom when she hears "WIPE!!!"  You know, The One. 

I have to say that it has been nice to have a break from being The One, especially when I can turn the duties over to someone I trust so much and who also loves my kids. Every stay-at-home mother needs a chance every so often to be something other than The One for the majority of her day or week. 

So I am trying to get back into the groove and trying to rediscover all of the wonderful things about being The One. For example, The One gets many hugs, kisses, and snuggles. And as The One, because I am always there for the mundane and the frustrating, I am also always there for the funny and the sweet. 

1.  A good morning jog.    2.  A good night's sleep.   3.  An afternoon temple trip.


Meliser said...

Welcome back to "One"hood. Did you make some good progress on your dissertation? I am still signed up to help.

Dena said...

That's great that your mom was able to come out and help! I think every mom knows all to well that being "The One" feeling. Good job remembering the positives about it as well - I think we all forget about that part every so often.

Madsen Family said...

C, You definitely are "The One" to me: The One who always has the most stylish haircuts (the Meg Ryan cut in Jerus), The One who plays the best practical jokes (need I say Fluffy hanging from the ceiling fan?), The One who has the best taste in music (Indigo Girls concert), The One who is the smartest (um, I don't even know how to spell dessertation), and The One who, I know, is the best mommy. Glad you got a break from The Onehood--now enjoy all those crazy moments b/c they go too fast!

mwells said...

I can't wait until you are "the one" to run with me again!

bluestocking mama said...

melissa, i did make good progress! painful progress, but good progress. it looks like i'm on track to graduate again.

jessy, thanks for the compliments :) i totally forgot about fluffy hanging from the ceiling fan. today's april fool's. maybe i can rig up a few of my kids' animals too--do you think that will scar them?

maryann, i can't wait until i'm the one to run with you again too! (although i can wait for the 5:15am alarm)