Sunday, March 1, 2009

Heard during February

I jotted down a few of the best comments I heard from Mister and Sweetie during February to preserve for posterity. Might as well enjoy them on the blog too:

Sweetie: (after singing the 2nd Article of Faith song she learned in Primary) "What's sin?"
Mister: "Sin is like a big pile of sand coming after you." (Not too far off, I don't think!)

Sweetie:  "Mom, is the baby playing with your guts?"

Mister:  "I know why Luke [his little cousin] doesn't cry much."
Me: "Why?"
Mister: "He likes his name. So we need to choose a good name for our baby."  (Mister's current suggestions are George for a boy and Ashley for a girl.)

Sweetie:  "Mom, I will love you to infinity and beyond, 50, 30, and back to January."

Me, at bedtime: "Mister, what was your favorite thing today."
Mister, putting his arms around me: "Right now." 

1.  The tender and funny things my kids say.         2.  Sunday night games and brownies.          3.  Sleeping with the windows open.


Dena said...

I love the cute and funny things kids say. You're so good to write them down! I need to be better at that!

sweetpea said...

really, really cute. and i'm sure it sometimes feels like your baby is playing with your guts, lol!

Lindy said...

That doesn't sound too 1/2 empty to me!!