Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm not the only one who's been doing some "writing"

Mister and Sweetie have been hard at work on their own creations. And I must admit that their work is much more brilliant and profound than my own, as you can see by this sampling of text:

It's pure genius, isn't it? Another superior attribute of their book is that it has visuals, whereas mine only has a few tables and charts. Notice the map of our house above the text and all of the pictures below. I am looking mighty fine riding Splash Mountain with them, riding scooters with Mister, playing the Ladybug Game, reading to them in bed, and bending over to kiss Mister goodnight. Unfortunately, in the latest additions to the book, I am no longer a stick figure, as can be seen in the drawing on the blue paper with the flowers. I'm now very round with a little stick figure inside me. Maybe one day I'll achieve "stick" status again, but it's not likely to be for another year, given my past history. I'll let you all know when their book is published since I know the demand will be high.
1.  Budding artists and writers at work, 2. Leftovers for lunch, 3. Sleeping in.

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Dena said...

Too CUTE!!! You'll have to save that!