Sunday, June 28, 2009

What have Mister and Sweetie been up to?

I've been neglecting my "mommyblogging," which means I haven't been very good at documenting what the kids have been doing, not only for our own records, but also for our family, all but one of whom live far away. So here's a recap of what Mister and Sweetie have been up to during last few months:

Both had birthdays and parties galore (it's all a blur to me now since I was trying to finish up my diss while throwing shin-digs, making cakes, and wrapping presents). Here's Mister and company at his Secret Agent/Spy party, with the birthday boy posing for his secret agent ID, then the whole group decoding one of the clues to find the "bomb," then trying to destroy the bomb before it went off, and finally blowing out the candles on his cake.

At Sweetie's requested Superhero party, we decorated bats and spider cupcakes, navigated the obstacle course to rescue the stuffed animals stuck in the net, and did other various super-human feats.

Before we left for the East coast, both kids had their last day of school. (Mister's last day was also water day, hence the swimsuit.)

Mister finished up another action-packed T-ball season:

Once we came back, we've been trying to keep busy in ways other than fighting (which is harder than you'd think). Here are some of those ways:

Making our own bouncy balls

4 Weeks of Swimming Lessons for Both:

Bear-Catching (first picture is initial booby-trap, followed by dinosaur decoy, dressed in Mister's own clothing to confuse the profusion of bears we seem to have in our house, and finally Mister, hiding behind the dresser with his gun).
Selling the family food storage from the shop in the open door-way. (I highly recommend the chocolate chips and applesauce--I bought a few of each myself.)

And that's about it for now (at least that's about all the pictures I can manage to upload at this time). Consider yourself good and updated!


sweetpea said...

You guys have been busy! Love all the fun party ideas---

Sheree said...

I love the food storage restaurant. Chocolate chip applesauce, MMM. I love the superhero capes! What a fun party.