Thursday, August 12, 2010

The first day of school and the Mother of the Year award for me

Everyone survived the first day of school! Of course, the day was not uneventful. I mixed up the time that school starts and ends, so I was 10 minutes late to pick them up. And 10 minutes on the first day is not okay. The kids weren't in their classrooms and neither were the teachers, so I went to the office just in time to find Mister and his teacher, who was calling me to tell me to come pick up my child. But no signs of Sweetie. So we ran back to Sweetie's class, but nobody was there, so we ran back to the office again, where we saw Sweetie and her teacher waiting outside in the 110 degree heat, looking tired and frazzled (both of them!) I apologized profusely and handed her teacher the sheet that said I would love to help in the classroom. The poor teacher probably doesn't want me to help in the classroom--a woman who forgets to pick up her own kids on the first day of school cannot be counted on for classroom help, right?

At least I managed to make the traditional back-to-school cakes this year. Not a book, like before, but pencil cakes for each of them. Hopefully the cake-making act negates the lateness. Mister and Sweetie, please remember that your mother made you cakes, not that your mother didn't pick you up on time.


Courtney said...

I know a chocolate pencil cake would make me forget you were late - maybe you should make them for the teachers!

Tommy said...

Good thing that you didn't disclose to the school that your massage and pedicure ran 10 minutes over.