Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life with H

Do not be fooled by this innocent-looking face:
Here is the more true-to-life look:
Be warned that, around H's house, basketballs get thrown (as do sippy cups, plates full of food, potato mashers--which seem to be handy against siblings, and most anything that is under the 3-foot range for reaching).
Also, around H's house, forks are not just to be eaten with.
And, despite $40 spent on baby-proofing supplies, they just do not last for long when faced with H's persistent pulling and apparently super-baby strength.

Thankfully, books, boxes, and laundry baskets are available for short diversions from the forks and potato mashers.
And bungee cords are plentiful.

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mwells said...

Great photo story! He's a cutie!