Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day has come and gone

and we are done with love. Not really, but after writing notes to hang on the love tree and notes for the pillowcases, and after putting together a Valentine's tea party for Sweetie and 5 friends from school, and after making 28 large sugar cookie hearts for Mister's class party, and after doing kind, anonymous deeds to pass the love bear on to another family member, and after making heart-shaped pancakes, sandwiches, and chocolate cake, I am Valentined out. I really do love this time of year--I love the positive energy that comes into our home when we express love for each other in different ways. But right now, the key word in that sentence for me is "energy" because I am all out of that right now since H has, once again, been sick all week and hasn't slept or done much of anything but cry and hold onto my legs the minute I put him down.

But anyway, this post is supposed to be about Valentine's. Here are a few pics of Sweetie's party and of the kids following their color of yarn around the maze in the yard to find their hidden Valentine's candy and balloon. Also, Mister's class had a talent show and he perfected 3 magic tricks for his talent--first, he made a pencil rise from a bottle. Second, he painted a scarf air-colored paint and then washed it off and made it reappear. And third, he made the pictures in his coloring book colored, then go away altogether, and then return again. He was nervous, but he did such a great job!

the kids made these scratch valentines, did some mad lib valentines, and we took some pics too to sent to cousins and grandparents:


Courtney said...

Just making 170 of the scratch valentines about Valentined me out so add in all that other stuff and I'd be exhausted. I love the pics with the hearts - what a cute valentine idea!

mwells said...

Ok - I guess I am a looser mom!