Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring break, days 3-5

Sheesh, now spring break seems like months ago instead of 2 1/2 weeks ago. But I feel duty-bound to blog about our fun, especially day 3's fun because we went hiking with fun friends to some very cool petroglyphs. The hike was 3 miles and Sweetie didn't even complain (until the very end). Yay, Sweetie! Little H, however, complained in the form of kicking my back at the end of the hike to the petroglyphs, but promptly fell asleep on the way down after our picnic lunch, despite my very best keep-awake tactics. There were drawings all over these rocks. The kids had so much fun exploring them, and we even spotted a Gila monster (and kept our distance, as they are poisonous).

Day 4 was St. Patrick's Day, and we had a heat wave in the upper 80s. Mister and Sweetie convinced me to let them each invite a few friends over in the afternoon for water balloon fights, silly string fights, and water play with the slip n' slide and the wiggly sprinklers. It was crazy. We went to the park down the street for the silly string and water balloon fights. I filled over 60 water balloons and they were gone in 3 minutes easy. Craziness. We came back to the house for the water play and for green snacks--green cupcakes, celery with peanut butter, and grapes. I didn't get any pics of the water fun and food because I was way too frazzled by the sheer number of people who were asking for towels and drinks and more food and the sprinkler that didn't work, etc. etc. By the end of Day 4, I was ready for a break from spring break.
Luckily, my break came in the form of visitors--my in-laws from California came the night of Day 4, so we got to relax and hang out with them and say "no" to friends for the rest of spring break. Yay! Friday, Day 5, we went to Amococo, the famous architecture of light, at the local Fine Arts center. Their web site says: "Amococo is the most labyrinthine luminarium, featuring as it does 86 triaxial domes and 71 pods that together create a complex of pathways where the visitors may happily lose themselves." It was pretty cool, except that it was pretty hot inside and we waited far too long to get in. H was literally bouncing off the walls when we finally got inside.

So, in all, we had a great spring break. No more "breaks" now until summer. Yikes!


Lindy said...

I just feel the need to tell you that you, my friend, are a rock star! Without a doubt. You are a fun mom and your kids are lucky to have you!

bluestocking mama said...

aw, thanks, Lindy!

mwells said...

You make me sad we were gone. Don't have so much fun without us next time!