Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweetie sings!

One constant in Sweetie's life is music. She's quite gifted on the piano and has no fear of singing in front of people. She sang a solo in church last Sunday. Here she is doing some practicing:

[oops, can't get the video to work--maybe later]

And she sang in the kindergarten musical last month, which I didn't get around to blogging about, given all of the spring break festivities. So here she is in the kindergarten production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We had many tears over the fact that she did not get chosen to be Goldilocks and would not get to skip down the center isle or pretend to sit in the booby-trapped chair before falling in. In fact, the morning of the musical, she refused to go sing because she wasn't Goldilocks. So I bribed her with lipstick-wearing privileges. Worked like a charm.
After the performance, we were headed to frozen yogurt, but H was screaming, Mister and Sweetie were fighting, and J was gone on a trip, so I flipped a fast u-turn and we went home. We did go for ice cream the next night when we all had our tempers in check and our wits about us (and our jammies about us--no harm in going places in your jammies. I'm a fan of the practice). Plus, little H needed to be introduced to the goodness of Cold Stone (until you add gummy bears to it, which is what all 3 of the kids did. Puh-lease. Way to ruin a good sweet cream).


mwells said...

Love the lipstick fix!

Mike said...

Awesome! I love the pictures. Your kids look really happy in them. And yes, I still have a hard time figuring out why they even offer gummy bears at Cold Stone.