Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweetie Loses a Tooth

When I returned from Massachusetts (another post for another day), I had a few notes waiting for me from Sweetie. As you can see in the drawings, Sweetie has finally lost her first tooth. The day before I left, she told me she had a loose tooth. "Whatever," I said (because Sweetie has been claiming a loose tooth for over a year now--"I'm sure it wiggles!") But I felt it anyway, and, to my amazement, it really was loose. She was determined to have Mr. C, the principal at school pull it for her (probably because then she could bask in the extra fame and glory all day long). So she worked at it a few days, and Mr. C pulled it before I got back from the East Coast.

Here's our now one-tooth-less Sweetie:


Lindsay Riggs said...

That is so cute that Mr. C pulled it!

Lindy said...

Wow I am shocked that is a service your school offers! How much extra do you have to pay for that!! :) Congrats to her!