Monday, February 6, 2012

14 Days of Service

I got this idea from a friend (and I've seen reports on other blogs of people who do service on their birthdays--the number of acts that they do equals the age that they're turning--also a fun idea). However, when I presented this great idea and the list below to the kids, Sweetie was thrilled and Mister was completely stressed out. "I already have basketball and so much homework and piano and reading and scouts," he wailed. "This is just a waste!"  I was shocked, to say the least. How can my tender-hearted 8-year-old be so overwhelmed with life that service is "a waste"? I didn't know what to say to him, but as a result of his response, I haven't been gung-ho with our list. I know in my heart that we make the time for things that are important to us. And serving others--our neighbors, our community, and people we don't know--is extremely important to me. I'm hoping it becomes important to my kids too. But for now, I won't push it hard. So far, we've done the service when the day has allowed for it, but I haven't pushed the kids to do it if we've been really busy (with the exception of taking the neighbors' garbage cans in, which takes all of 2 minutes?!)  But I thought I'd document the idea and our experience with it, even if it hasn't been ideal.

14 Days of Service
1. Pick up trash at the park.
2. Bring in neighbors’ recycling garbage cans.
3. Make a loan on
4. Donate old clothes and toys to Goodwill.
5. Write/make valentines for grandparents and cousins.
6. Write happy notes.
7. Tuck happy notes in cars on the way to school to wish people a happy day.
8. Bring in shopping carts at the grocery store.
9. Leave a note and treat for the mail carrier.
10.  Bring new stuffed animals to the children’s hospital.
11.  Put canned food out for the Food Bank drive.
12.  Make valentines for classmates and Primary teachers.
13.  Deliver treats to neighbors.
14.  Write love notes to each other. 

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