Sunday, February 12, 2012

What we've been up to

Things have been busy, as always, the past week. We enjoyed Sweetie's first grade musical. She was a spider, as you can see. She's also been taking a little cheerleading class from her friend's mom down at the park. She now does the "herky" all over the house.

 Mister has been playing basketball both on his team and outside our house every day after school. He also went to the Suns game with a friend last week. His friend's dad said they sat on the back row but cheered like they were on the front. I made him take his Laker jersey off before he left, though.

Mister and J also had a father/son day out at the Phoenix Open last week. They walked a bunch, cheered a bunch, and Mister didn't want to come home.
For my last activity as the wolf cub scout den leader, I took Mister's cub scout group to Papa John's to learn about pizza-making. They each got to make their own pizza to take home. It was really fun! 
 We've all been making valentines.

And we've been spending lots of time outside. I love being outdoors in this perfect weather, but I spend hours each week out there, making sure H doesn't ride his scooter down to the park or throw rocks at the neighbor girls. Sometimes I groan when the kids all bolt for the front door after doing homework and eating their after school snacks.

H has been in his "secret hideout" with his Little Critter books.
H and I also went to the zoo with friends. I took plenty of pics but H erased every single picture and video from my phone one morning while I was in the shower.

I made these homemade Snickers for our Relief Society chocolate night and my card club this week. They were delicious but tasted too much like the real Snickers. Why spend that much time on something you can just buy at the store?

 This week is promising to be a little slower, once we get past Valentine's Day festivities. And I'm excited that Laura, Matt, and little J are coming to visit!!

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Mike said...

Awesome! I am jealous of the good weather and the flip flops. But who am I to complain? We've only had 1 week under 50 here.