Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Summer Pictures

The temperatures dropped into the upper 90s this week. With the 20-degree drop, it gave me a little hope that I might actually be cold again someday (not counting inside restaurants). And it gave me enough energy to pull out the knee-high weeds in the garden and go through the pictures from this summer and see some of the random ones I missed posting. 

One of the only "crafty" type projects we did this summer:  making and painting wooden airplanes when the carpet cleaner was here and we were stuck in the kitchen ALL MORNING.

We had only 1 learning time this summer, which makes me sad in retrospect because I love learning new things with the kids and making stuff that goes along with it. We learned about Mesa Verde in preparation for our family vacation. We read a lot of books and the kids made their own cliff dwellings. I supplied the play doh and the gummy artifacts to be hidden in the dwellings.

 Sweetie also had her end-of-summer Broadway choir performance. They performed once at an assisted living facility and then once for families.  Sweetie's favorite songs were "For Good" from Wicked and "Hold On" from The Secret Garden. The theme for this summer was "You'll Never Walk Alone," and all of their songs were about friendship and love.

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