Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Week

It's been an eventful week, even though most of it I've spent in my pajamas and without leaving the house.  Before we get to the baby pics, I'll update the rest of the goings on this week:

H has spent the week acting out in all possible ways. Poor kid. His nice, structured world has been rocked just a bit :) Unfortunately, one of those ways of acting out is refusing to take his nap. Booooooo!

Sweetie came home from school on Monday sick. This evening she was still sporting a fever, so after 4 days of fever, I guess I need to buck up and take her to the doctor tomorrow. 
The washing machine has become the drop zone for all of baby's blowouts:

Grandma got here Monday evening (and I can't believe I don't have a pic of Grandma and baby yet!).  She's been a lifesaver, as always, getting up in the night with baby H (don't know what I'll call her yet on this blog), making cookies and bran muffins and dinners, sewing a carseat cover, and keeping crazy H somewhat occupied. 
Someone got dressed to meet Grandma (Hint: It wasn't me. I spent the day in my pjs)
Baby's been doing a lot of this in her debut week. But we kind of expect that around here--gassy, fussy babies are our specialty!
Baby girl had her first bath, hated it at first, then warmed up to it when we added some warmer water. 

 One week old today! 
Oh how we love this little girl. It's amazing how your life can change in one week. One week of household and bodily mayhem, yet one week of so much love. 


Jeri said...

Oh, man! That is one sweet baby. Thank goodness for Daddy and Grandma, is what I say.
My favorite days EVER were the ones spent in the hospital with a new baby. My LEAST favorite, most-hated nightmare days EVER were the first ones home.
I usually needed a blessing and a good cry to face the going-home scene.
Try not to kill any well-meaning friends who tell you not to forget to get enough sleep.
Survive well!

When you get a second, in the next few years, e-mail me the baby's name, OK? No rush. Love you!

Lindsay Riggs said...

She is just a doll, Catherine! And her hair accessories are just perfection!

Rosalyn said...

Catherine, she is just beautiful. Congrats! (Also, January 10th is a great day for a birthday--that's my little sister's b-day too.)