Monday, January 21, 2013

"You have the best mom." ~my friend Natalie

Dear Dad,
Remember when you called about booking Mom's ticket to come help after I had the baby and you asked if she should stay 7 days or 11 days? Remember how I said 7 days? Is it too late to change my mind?!

I took my mom to the airport this afternoon and came home to 2 kids asking for snacks, 1 kid who needed a nap (but didn't get one because I couldn't take the time for the naptime routine), a still-hungry baby, and a baby who needed her diaper changed. I got snacks, turned on a show, changed the blowout, grabbed an orange for me, fed baby, and cried a little. Not because we won't be okay and we won't figure things out. I know we will. But there's something about feeling the weight of it settle firmly on my shoulders. It's a lonely feeling. Strange how every time I have become a mother again I seem to need my own mother even more. I'm glad families are eternal. 

I miss you, Mom! And I'm so so grateful for all you did for me and for us while you were here and all you keep doing for us. I hope you get a little rest and a little sleep now!


Madsen Family said...

I cry EVERY time my mom leaves--even if I just hadn't had a baby. I'm glad your mom was able to help but sad you didn't have the foresight to tell your dad, "Eleven days, for crying out loud!" Good luck with that cute baby and the other three. Here's to a nap!

Courtney said...

When I had Seth I cried every day that my mom was there because I was so sad she was leaving in 10 days, 9 days, etc. We really do need our moms!