Sunday, March 31, 2013


"Hosanna" is one of my favorite words in the scriptures.  It means "save now," and I love that the people cry this when Jesus enters Jerusalem the week of his death and when he comes to visit the Nephites after his death.  To me, it carries with it a kind of rawness and desperation--to cry "save me" requires that you be in dire straits, needing more than just help. I have felt a little of that desperation myself at key moments in my life. So it fits the prelude and postlude of the Atonement perfectly. "Save us now!" the people cried, and He did. I know this, and I rejoice this Easter Sunday because of this.

Now for some very non-true-meaning-of-Easter pictures. We had a busy week! We took our neighbors to the Easter pageant at the temple on Thursday (along with 1000+ other people!), colored eggs and decorated cookies with friends Friday morning, barbecued and had a movie night with the neighbors Friday evening, colored more eggs with neighbors Saturday morning, egg hunted with ward friends on Saturday night, and stuffed ourselves with family today (and hunted more eggs, of course).

 Easter Pageant

 Egg coloring and ice cream with neighbors
  Flashlight hunt with the ward:
Easter baskets

Everybody had to have a turn holding the lady of the hour:  

Dinner and Egg hunting with family:

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