Friday, March 29, 2013


Somewhere in the last few weeks of not blogging, Lil' Miss or little Zelly hit her 2 month mark.  And for her 2-month birthdate, she got . . . . 2 infected ears.  Poor girl had a nasty cold and cough for 2 weeks, so I finally took her in and both ears were infected, which led to over a week of antibiotic-induced stomach cramps and lots and lots of diapers.  

She also got a trip to Vegas for her 2-month mark.  She attended the Conference on College Composition and Communication with me and was a dream baby, sleeping through 5 sessions and sitting nicely through the Religion and Christian Traditions SIG (special interest group).  She did end both days with a blowout in the last session, but we're used to those things, so no big deal.  I thought I'd get a lot of stares, being the woman with the baby, and I was not looking forward to it, especially to break the news to people that, no, this is not my first child, but my fourth.  But I found that everybody oohed and aahed over her (and only 1 person asked if I was having more children because my religion dictated it), and I found that I am getting more comfortable with merging my "home" identity (for lack of a better way to describe it) and my "academic/professional" identity. It's been a long road for me in this regard--I've always worried too much about what people think about me. 
We like it when she smiles with her tongue out.

Enjoying her swing now that my mom sewed a new cover for it--I couldn't find the old one.

At the doctor, waiting to get all those rotten immunizations :)

At the conference

This is what she looked like most of the conference, sleeping all snuggled in her sling. I got mighty tired of hauling all 11 lbs of her around like this all day for 3 days, though


Jeri said...

Sweet! I love it when I'm in public and my baby is good.
I'd rather be an advertisement for family than one for birth control!

Hope she feels better. You are amazing!

melanie said...

Oh, she is so adorable!! So glad she was an angel baby during your conference. Lots of hugs!

Katie Matthews said...

She is so cute. I love her little outfits and hair bows.

sweetpea said...

She is just darling! I'm glad she was so good for you at your conference.