Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Great to be 8!

 Sweetie turned 8 a few weeks ago.  It's fun to see how grown up and beautiful, inside and out, she is becoming in the 8 years since these were taken:

J took her to lunch on her birthday, we had a Primary ice cream sundae activity, she picked up her ribs from Joe's BBQ, and we had cake and ice cream with the Rocks. The next weekend, we were so happy to have all of her grandparents come for her baptism. After her baptism, we swam and barbecued at the Rocks. I love these times of being together as a family and remembering, in the middle of all of this packing and moving and end-of-school madness, what's really important in life. 




Sweetie at 8
favorite color=orange
favorite restaurant=Costa Vida
favorite TV show=Suite Life on Deck
favorite movie=Wreck it Ralph
favorite after school activities=Minecraft
favorite sport=soccer
favorite food=steak
favorite drink=diet, caffeine free Vanilla Coke
favorite cereal=Cinnamon Life
best friend=Callie
when she grows up, she wants to be an artist
she's really good at piano and reading
she wants to go on vacation to China, Japan, or Hawaii
her hero is Joseph Smith
if she had $1000, she would buy an ipad or an iphone5
before her next birthday, she wants to go to Disneyland

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mwells said...

She has changed so much in the past year! I can't believe she is 8! Happy BDay!