Monday, May 6, 2013

Under Contract

After a week on the market, we are under contract. And I am beyond grateful. What a lousy week. We had at least 4 showings every day, so 4 1-hour windows when I had to have my house spotless and take the 2 kids somewhere else, where the baby was sure not to nap. In between those 1-hour windows, we came home to nurse the baby, in the meantime, H would make a mess. Then I would yell at H for making a mess and try to pick everything up as fast as I could in the 10 minutes I had before the next people would arrive. Add in 2 birthdays (and when was I supposed to make birthday cakes and treats for school classes when I couldn't even manage to be home long enough to do a load of laundry?), 1 primary activity that I was in charge of, 1 school carnival, 1 4th grade recorder concert, 1 academic night at the school, 1 big joint birthday party, and a sick 3 year-old (for 2 of the days). All of that=a tenuous grip on my sanity. I will try to document some of the madness in my blog this week as I do some catching up.

I guess the good thing about the madness is that it's kept my mind off of the bittersweet feelings that come with selling the house where we brought home 3 of our babies, where we grew so much as a family--a place where we have fought and laughed and loved.  Beginnings and endings are always hard for me. As much as I look forward to the next phase and next home, I also mourn a little the loss of this one.

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mwells said...

We are mourning too! But we are excited for the next amazing chapter in your lives! Your "home" has been calling you for years, and I am happy you have the opportunity to go. Bring on 4 seasons! Oh how we will is you!