Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm No Anna Quindlen

Yesterday I turned 38.  I usually like to write some sort of introspective post around my birthday, something with deep thoughts about life, aging, the year in passing, etc etc. But this week has been a rough one for me and my thoughts are presently only inches deep. I re-read some of Anna Quindlen's celebratory statements about aging, hoping to increase my depth a bit, but no such luck. Quindlen writes that with age comes acceptance, courage, self-realization, and peace:  
  • "An essential part of maturing, is putting fear aside, because if there's anything that cripples us it is fear"
  • "We may not like our age spots or crepey necks, but we are happier now than we were when we were younger . . . we settle into our own skin, even if that skin has sun damage."
  • "I've finally recognized my body for what it is: a personality-deliver system, designed expressly to carry my character from place to place, now and in the years to come."

While I love reading Anna's wise words, I'm not there yet.   I'm still trying to settle fully into my own skin. Even when I think I've settled and have given up on silly fears and concerns, they seem to creep back in at different times, especially times of change in life. Good thing I hope to have plenty of birthdays in the future to work on the settling in. 

As for this birthday, it was a pretty good one. In between soccer games, we went to Kneaders for french toast. The kids thought it was so great to go out for breakfast. H kept saying, "It's your birt-day so we going to dis restaurant." Then in the afternoon, my parents graciously came down to watch the kids while J and I went to the BYU vs Texas game, which was delayed due to lightning and craziness but once it got started, it was a great game, with the Cougs pulling off an upset. And today, I opened the kids' presents and ate the cake my mom made for me--delish! The kids were so excited to buy me presents and to have me open them. It made it extra fun. 

So, my thoughts are getting shallower and muddier as the night gets later. I'll leave you with birth day pictures and with one of the best, most hopeful quotes from Anna Quindlen (or really from her friend Lesley) on aging:  "You're never too old to have the best day of your life."  

 Little Zelly and I painted our toes blue to show our school spirit.


Jeri said...

Happy Birthday! I drove past you and got my people off the mountain just as the heavens opened and the buckets started pouring. THAT was a storm!

I'm older, so I'm still the boss.

Love you.

Madsen Family said...

Happy B-day! I think you definitely get better with age. And for the record, those thoughts are deeper and far more introspective than any I've ever had:) Glad it was a good b-day.

mwells said...

Love the last quote! Happy BDay!