Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hi, I'm 8 months old now.
You probably want to look at a few more pictures of how cute I am:

 I just cut my first tooth and I'm working on my second, so excuse me while I chew on my thumb for a bit

 My brother has to get in on the action, of course. I don't mind, though, because those Cheetos of his look pretty good.
 In fact, I think I'll try them out.
 In the past few months (since my mother hasn't been posting about me), I've been doing a lot. I graduated from the swing to the exersaucer, which is fabulous.

 And I stopped moving around on my belly and by rolling
and started crawling.
This crawling thing is really handy:

Here's a picture of me at 6 months so you can see how mature I am now: 

Yeah, I'm pretty much the favorite baby in the house these days. Except at night because I STILL get up.